Monday, October 27, 2008


I live in a neighborhood in the suburbs that is known for McMansions, large imposing houses that lack architectural integrity. I have a small peeve about the majority of these houses that I formerly blamed the uneducated Joe Blow builder for; however, I have come to realize that that blame lies in that of the buyer because they are obviously willing to plop down several hundred thousand to a couple of million for FAKE ALUMINUM TRIMMED WINDOWS. Why aren't consumers savvy enough to know that the builder just put trailer house windows in a million dollar home? Oh my GOD!! Not only are their windows fake and super cheap looking, but the are inoperable and during Hurricane IKE the owners of many of these ugly window bearing McMansions roasted inside their houses during the day and night. Rather than shelling out twenty thousand dollars on plantation shutters after the fact, put the money in the windows to begin with.
When aluminum windows are in a juxtaposition with wood French Doors... WOW!
This builder not only used fake windows, but didn't even trim out the interior. This would be acceptable for a lower budget home I suppose, but his one is almost a million.

Notice the windows specified for the turrett, the main architectural focus of this home.

I am at a loss for words.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunshiney Day at Crave

I recently discovered CRAVE CUPCAKES in Uptown Park. Not only are the cupcakes super Marsha Brady dreamy, but the interior design makes you happy to be alive. The aqua vintage aesthetic is very 1950's main street. It is clean and fresh and they sell vintage sodas in a a bottle. I find myself popping in several times a week just to be in the presence of Sunshine! If you are in Houston, stop by and perhaps I will see you there!

Back in Black... it is good to be back!!!

black walls contrast so beautifully with Chicago Brick

before.. blah builder colors

I actually have a quiet house and a sleeping baby, so I wanted to share with you some photos of a design job I did. My client built a beautiful custom home, but was "bored" and wanted her home to be les cliche`. The last photo is the "before". It is amazing what creating contrast will do for interiors. I had to do some coaxing when I first presented black, as it is a bit unconventional. In the end the client was so super pleased.