Monday, April 7, 2008

Have your cake and eat it too!

Attention: buyers, designers, architects, and artists.. .2008 -2012 will be a Rococo Revival. Here is something you can take to market! Occasionally, I get a call from a certain magazine editor asking me to give her a heads up on the next "big" trend. I may be a "has-been", but I still have a idiot sevantish-ability to predict trends 1 - 2 years in advice. Several times I have thought I no longer possessed this ability, and somehow it always hits me when I least expect it. This time; however, I am going to publish this so all of my designer friends can profit off of it since I no longer have the energy to so.

From late 2008 stretching all the way to 2012 the main trend in design, fashion, and living is DECADENCE. Very Baroque, Rococo, Louis XIV furniture upholstered in lots of red, pink, and gold large-scaled damask. Just for the heck of it, indulge in fine chocolates and pastries that your have ordered from France even though they look way too beautiful to eat. You know that gold flat wear that you ostentatious aunt may have owned? It will be way hot! It is going to be perfectly acceptable to indulge a little and enjoy the finer things in life. How about forgoing a video rental and splurging on tickets to the opera? We may only have until 2012, right?