Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oscar Town

Marfa took center stage this year at the Oscars for No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. In this little corner of the earth where nothing ever really happens except for a earthquake in 1993, a secession from the United States in 199o something, or maybe a train derailment yesterday, this is BIG NEWS!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Soiree?

First of all, I must begin by saying this was this was the second Super Bowl that I have attended since 1989. I swore them off after my gay-cowboy boyfriend drove me several hours to a desolate ranch in the flat, ugly party of New Mexico for his family's annual "party of the year". Keep in mind, it was the 80's...I sat on a wagon-wheel sofa and chatted with a fifty or so big hair wearin women... one in particular was a lady with a bird on her cowboy hat that introduced herself as PECKERHEAD.

Last week, we were invited to our neighbors home, La fourche, to watch the Super Bowl and I gave it another shot. La Fourche is a reproduction of one of the Louisiana plantations on River Road. The owners, one of which is one of Houston's great architects, even commissioned a reproduction of Napolean Crossing the Alps by David. Why Napolean you ask? Well, he was French and apparently if he was alive, he would have gifted them with a French bathtub or something like that. Once they give me the go-ahead, I will feature their home in a post; however until then, enjoy the photos of their party. We had a wonderful time. By the way, I no longer have Super Bowl party anxiety,and I am filled with anticipation about next year.
one of the 2 kitchen islands .... one is for cooking (soapstone) and the other is for baking (marble)

Garett preparing dinner

Derek & Baby Henry

p.s. Before you email me, I have nothing against big hair, wagon wheel sofas, or Gay Cowboys; however, If you introduce yourself as Peckerhead...